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A Far-Reaching Vision


  • Perpetual innovation and growth
  • Pursuit of reasonable profits and win-win situation for both employees and the company
  • Reward shareholders and fulfill social responsibilities
  • Maintain harmony with customers and suppliers
  • Trustworthiness & thrift
  • Innovation & excellence
  • Customer oriented
  • Establish core technologies for fiber materials and engineering plastics
  • Achieve the target of vertical integration; provide stable and high-value products in the field of chemical fiber and engineering plastics to meet customer needs
  • Strive to develop core markets, control cost, and reinforce the company's financial structure
  • Strengthen the core technology of the business, develop differentiated products and strive to develop new markets to enhance profitability
  • Become an international large plant with a high degree of competitive advantage in the industries of chemical fiber and engineering plastics

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