R & D


To adapt to the ever changing market and fierce contentions, founded in 2004, Zig Sheng Innovative R&D Center aims to integrate our core technologies.

Zig Sheng Innovative R&D Center possesses proficient team of researchers in polymer science, chemical engineering and fiber technology. Several experimental factories and laboratory facilities have been built, including resin polymerization, fiber engineering, material testing and evaluation. With the state-of-the-art research equipment and enhanced working environment, Zig Sheng cultivates the R&D capabilities of the basic research and manufacturing technologies.

Through the integration of cross-field industries and cooperation with international academic institutions, Zig Sheng Innovative R&D Center aims to build up unique technologies and patent value in leading markets. Based on polymer engineering and science, the research and development activities concentrate on the core technologies of engineering plastics, technical fiber, and high value added texturized yarns.

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