Corporate Philosophy

Our Vision

We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence as we stay ahead of emerging trends. ZIG SHENG is a service oriented company that seeks to walk alongside our customers and become an industry leader.

Mission Statement

An enterprise with integrity that seeks stable advancement through the spirit of innovation. We provide professional service and leading business strategies to create win-win situations for our customers without neglecting corporate social responsibility or the sustainable development of our industry.

Core Values

Integrity, Thrift, Innovation, Excellence, Customer Service

ZIG SHENG is a reasonable organization with heart that remains acutely aware of industry trends. Our creativity allows us to manufacture a wide variety of products. We're also sensitive to unspoken details that enable us to serve our customers with integrity and become a reliable partner that gives them a competitive advantage.

A Reliable Partner

We don't believe in empty promises. We work step by step with patience and care to honor commitments to our customers. Integrity is a cornerstone at ZIG SHENG.


ZIG SHENG is proud of our exceptional employees who work tirelessly and never give up without following through on their work. They embody our dedication to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Service Oriented

We listen carefully to our customers to help them find answers to difficult questions and quality assurance. ZIG SHENG is a strong pillar of support in the hearts and minds of our customers.


Sincerity and dedication to our customers and suppliers is about more than just professional service. ZIG SHENG emphasizes a truly supportive relationship where work to build trust and mutual benefit while creating win-win situations for everyone.

Creativity and Innovation

ZIG SHENG pays close attention to our industry in search of continuous improvement. Creativity and Innovation is our competitive edge. We pursue strategic development to find new opportunities in expanding markets.


We regularly upgrade our machines, modify our production equipment, expand our services, and monitor functionality and quality to provide more diverse products that meet customer demand for customized products.


ZIG SHENG always strives to do the right thing. We quickly assess market conditions and take appropriate action. We are firmly rooted in the industry; while pursuing a comprehensive production model, vertical integration, and horizontal expansion.

Determination and Vision

When faced with shifting market trends, ZIG SHENG reacts, organizes, and deploys new strategies to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. This helps us to forge ahead and broaden our horizon.