Organizational Structure

  Directors (Including Independent Directors) Independent Directors Supervisor Articles of Incorporation
Articles of Incorporation
Article 13
10~13 3 None: The company has appointed the
Audit Committee in place of a
The latest revision:
June 22, 2020

Board Election (19 th) 10 3
Board Gender Ratio 9 male directors, 1 female director
Directors' Term 2022/06/24~2025/06/23
Audit Committee
(2 nd)
Installed 2019/06 3 Term:
2022 / 06 / 08 ~ 2025 / 06 / 07
The names and terms of committee
members are the same as Independent Directors
Compensation Committee (5 th) Installed 2011/12 3 Term:
2022 / 06 / 10 ~ 2025 / 06 / 07
Company Governance Office Installed 2021/05 Company Management Supervisor: Financial Supervisors also assume the role of Management Supervisors.
There are 3 Management Supervisors.
Board Secretary Office Drafting, planning the agenda of Board meeting. Evaluating the effectiveness of the Board.
Audit Office Drafting, reviewing and reporting internal audit plans; tracking and improving various major
exceptional cases; supervising and reviewing self-inspection operations of internal control.
General Management Division Overseeing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); assisting in the establishment and promotion of
various management systems, the ISO quality assurance system and the OHSAS occupational
health and safety system; management of company documents.
Office Representative
Responsible for Shareholders'
Feedback or Disputes
The company has a spokesperson system; as well as an investor and shareholder services
communication platform. The Capital Group acts as our stock affairs agency representative.