Functional Workout Wear

ZIG SHENG uses vertically integrated production and regulated raw material supplies to develop core production technology that allows us to create functional textiles, including breathable quick-drying yarns, long-lasting cooling yarns, odor eliminating anti-bacterial yarns etc., appropriate for application in any sport.

End Use Applications

Yoga Clothes

High stretch technology offering optimal coverage, hand feel, breathability, and anti-microbial odor eliminating properties to keep yoga clothes from sticking and leave you feeling fresh.


Thin, lightweight, and comfortable yarns that don't retain water and help to decrease drag are well suited for recreational or professional swim wear,

Form Fitting Bottoms

Moisture absorbing cooling yarns are breathable and smooth against the skin to ensure comfortable wear.

Athletic Tops

Breathable, quick-drying, flexible, antimicrobial odor eliminating yarns ensure long-lasting dryness and comfort for a better workout experience.

Tank Tops

These comfortable tops feel great and are made using a ventilating pattern yarn.

Cycling Apparel

Breathable, sweat wicking, smooth, and abrasion resistant to keep you comfortable while cycling.

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