ESG Overview
ZIG SHENG is committed to entrepreneurial integrity and the spirit of innovation. We are also mindful of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental protection as we join in sustainable development efforts around the world.

ZIG SHENG's Commitments

As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ZIG SHENG implemented our integrity management policy and promoted lean management strategies; while also consolidating production lines, optimizing product assortments, and strictly controlling inventory.
In recent years, the company has actively sought to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. Besides effective pollution measures, we've invested in pollution prevention equipment to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The building of a solar power system further increased our use of green energy supplies.
ZIG SHENG has always attached importance to employee compensation and benefits. The company has established a complete employee retirement system, with a full retirement reserve fund set aside every year. Employees who qualify for retirement can retire or settle their pension according to their wishes.

Corporate Sustainability

ESG Operation and Implementation


Supplier Management

Ethical Management

ESG Operation and Implementation

ZIG SHENG continues to perform well in the areas of corporate governance and economic performance, developing a sustainable business environment, social engagement, and strengthening the transparency of corporate disclosures as part of our effort to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Environmental Management

Climate Change Risk Management

Climate change is causing global temperatures to rise, resulting in unusual climates, floods, and heat waves. We followed the Financial Stability Board (FSB)’s Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework to assess and manage risks associated with climate change.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Management

In order to manage greenhouse gas emissions as part of larger environmental policy, ZIG SHENG voluntary calculates total greenhouse gas emissions and conducts yearly audits of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in accordance with the Environmental Protection Administration and our own internal regulations.

Energy Conservation

In accordance with our environmental policy, ZIG SHENG introduced an ISO 50001 Energy Management System as a means to evaluate energy consumption in our factories. This will help to determine appropriate implementation and follow up of specific energy management measures.

Pollution Prevention

ZIG SHENG has implemented a full environmental management system and instituted relevant management regulations. The company also submits to third party certifications.

Green Products

ZIG SHENG has received Global Recycling Standard (GRS) third party certification since 2015. The company recycles waste yarn and purchases discarded fishing net to produce now products. We also added a recycled bottle flake polyester chip production line in 2021.

In Mar 2022, ZIG SHENG participated in local beach cleanup and water conservation efforts organized by the Environmental Conservation Arts Education Committee in Taoyuan City.

ZIG SHENG provides internship and employment opportunities to disadvantaged students. We also encourage disabled individuals to apply their talents as part of our team.

ZIG SHENG provides scholarships and financial aid to outstanding students from most universities and educational foundations in Taiwan.

ZIG SHENG is part of community outreach activities to support friends and neighbours near our factories in Guishan, Guanyin, and Dayuan.

The first priority of ZIG SHENG occupational safety and health policies is "zero accidents". Besides observing local occupational safety and health laws, an impartial third party (DNV GL Business Assurance Co., Ltd) is regularly appointed to conduct potential hazard and risk assessments according to our own occupational safety and health and risk management procedures.

ZIG SHENG respects human rights and cares deeply about all our employees. The company complies with all labor regulations defined in the Social Accountability International SA8000 Standard and observes the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention

Human resource policies at ZIG SHENG are compliant with local labor laws to protect workers' rights. The company provides fair and equal treatment to all employees...

ZIG SHENG operations are spread across Taiwan to support local development policies and foster a favorable work environment that emphasizes diversity.

ZIG SHENG firmly believes societal values must be socially applicable. We must pay closer attention to various issues in the future to fulfill Environmental Social Governance (ESG) as we pursue sustainable business development.