Social Engagement

ZIG SHENG is a firm believer that "We are one." The company donates various goods, participates in industrial activities and community building; and supports charitable and government organizations to build a stronger relationship with our community. We hope to do more than just support local development; rather we want to give back to the community and cultivate upstanding members of society.

Community Engagement and Sponsorship

Helping Disadvantaged Communities

Scholarships for Outstanding Students

Community Outreach

Beach Cleanup at Guanyin Caota Sand Dunes

In Nov 2020, ZIG SHENG participated in local beach cleanup and conservation efforts at the Guanyin Caota Sand Dunes organized by the Environmental Arts Education Committee in Taoyuan City. Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp., Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) Corp Ltd., Xin Pin Yuan Co., and Tai Yiaeh Co., also joined us alongside volunteer environmental activists from neighborhoods around Guanyin.
ZIG SHENG led a team of 20 volunteers who came together to help our environment. Most of the trash collected was plastic items that wouldn't otherwise degrade in nature. The goal of this activity was to help our colleagues realize the dangers of ocean plastic to different ecosystems and better understand how humans damage our environment. We hope that we can reduce the use of single use plastic and adopt better recycling practices to protect marine ecosystems.

Helping Disadvantaged Communities

In accordance with government regulations, ZIG SHENG provides accessible employment opportunities to employees with a disability. We provide individuals with a disability the necessary job training to support long term career development. Employees with disabilities receive compensation and benefits equal to all other employees. The company also pays the labor and medical insurance deductibles (excluding dependents) for employees with a registered disability to ease their financial concerns.

ZIG SHENG places great importance on education. Knowledge is power that can change the lives of economically disadvantaged students. The company provides various internships and educational opportunities with appropriate compensation and benefits. We also provide scholarships, financial aid, and employment to economically disadvantaged students that include room and board.
ZIG SHENG provided various scholarships in 2020. The issuing organizations, recipients, and total are listed below.

Issuing Organization



Issuing Organization:National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Recipient: University Students

Total: 20

Issuing Organization: National Chin-Yi University of Technology

Recipient: University Students

Total: 24

Issuing Organization: Arts and Education Foundation at the National Chang-Hua Senior School of Commerce

Recipient: High School Students

Total: 5

Issuing Organization: Twilight Elite Development Association R.O.C.

Recipient: High School Students

Total: 15

Community Outreach

ZIG SHENG cares for neighboring communities near our factories in Guishan, Guanyin, and Dayuan. In 2020, the company sponsored local cultural events, organized beach cleaning activities; and participated in Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other important celebrations with our friends and neighbors.

Future Plans

ZIG SHENG will continue supporting our friends and neighbors in 2021. The company will give back to local communities by providing job opportunities to residents in neighborhoods near our factories. We will also actively sponsor arts and education programs as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to give back to society.