Nylon/Polyester Filament

Annual Capacity

36,000 Metro tons(yr)

Vertically Integrated

Vertically Integrated

ZIG SHENG has implemented a vertical production model that begins at nylon chip production, spinning, and eventually intersects with downstream polymerization to enhance product quality and control raw material supplies. We seek to diversify production so that we can manufacture customized and functional textiles for our customers.


Automated packaging systems on our production line conserve manpower, save space, increase capacity, and lower production costs while maintaining premium quality. A tablet can be used to supervise our production lines and contentiously monitor quality control.

Fine Denier

Lightweight fine denier high filament yarn production technology increases the degree of freedom within textile design. This technology can also improve the breathability and thermal insulation properties of the yarn.

ZIG SHENG produces all kinds of coarse denier yarns as required by our customers.

High Strength

This high tensile strength yarn has excellent dyeability and is appropriate for high strength applications like wovens, Oxfords, cover spinning, knitting, and curricular knitting.

Sustainable Products

Our recycling systems help to recycle products like waste yarn, fabric scraps, or fishing net and reuse them to manufacture various specifications of spinning grade yarn.

Functional Textiles

ZIG SHENG manufactures various functional filaments including collagen yarns, cooling yarns, anti-microbial yarns, anti-odor yarns, and energy yarns. We use modified production technology that incorporates different functional raw materials into the nylon chips during polymerization. This ensures that the these functional yarns have excellent fastness to washing and durability.

Energy Yarn

ZIS Energy produces natural far infrared light that is absorbed as body heat to increase blood circulation and metabolism.

Anti-Microbial Yarn

Cleanfil is a functional yarn with anti-microbial, odor eliminating properties that effectively inhibits the breeding of bacteria to ensure long-lasting crisp, comfortable wear.

Collagen Yarn

ZIS collagen is a yarn with added collagen. The yarn help to eliminate odor while also creating a smooth hand feel that feels cool and comfortable against the skin.

Long Lasting Cooling Nylon Yarn

Nicecool uses modified hydrophilic nylon technology with excellent thermal regulation properties to create an instantaneous and long lasting cooling sensation.

Magic Tape

ZIG SHENG uses filaments of various specifications to produce webbing, shoulder straps, ribbon, elastic tape, hooks and loops


ZIG SHENG produces monofilament products with various specifications and differentiated cross-sections.

Partially Oriented Yarn (POY)

ZIG SHENG has many years of experience with DTY yarn that enables us to produce various specifications of high quality Partially Oriented Yarn (POY).

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