Salary and Benefits

Compensation Policy

ZIG SHENG strives to operate as a professional nylon chip chemical plant. Our management team recognizes that "dedicated professionals" are the heart of our survival and future development. We've set our compensation policies above industry standards to ensure stable employment with adequate compensation for a job well done.
ZIG SHENG determines compensation policy according to long-term stable development, product quality and efficiency, industry competitiveness, and company finances. Compensation is based on a total annual income.
The compensation for different management levels and job classifications is determined by the operations team according to department contributions and individual productivity.

Profit Sharing

The Accounting Department calculates annual compensation rates that act as the standard for awarding year-end bonuses and employee salaries. Our employees receive a higher bonus as company profits increase. We seek to create a win-win situation for both management and our employees.

Benefit System

Generous year-end bonus and dividends.

Employee health check.

Festival and birthday gifts.

Scholarships and grants for the children of employees.

Our factories provide three meals a day and suite style dormitories with central air conditioning (free for employees working outside Taoyuan City area).

Labor insurance, health insurance, and group accident insurance.

Comprehensive retirement system with monthly deposits into retirement account.

Travel vouchers and dinner subsidies.

Uniforms for plant personnel every year.

The plant has an activity center that provides a number of leisure and entertainment facilities.