The ZIG SHENG recycling system recycles waste yarn, waste greige fabric; and even collects recycled fishing net to produce a variety of recycled chips that are then extruded into recycled yarns. Global Recycling Standards (GRS) mandate that recycled products must contain 20% or more recycled content to qualify for certification. ZIG SHENG can customize the recycled content in various specifications of our engineering plastics and synthetic fibers according to customer requirements.
Our sustainable engineering plastics have potential applications in automotive parts, office chairs, power tools, and strollers; while our sustainable synthetic fibers can be applied in textile grade apparel, bags, and athleisure products.

GRS Certified

Global Recycling Standard (GRS) is an international standard established by Control Union to evaluate recycled fibers. The assessment uses four major standards: traceability, environmental practices, social responsibility, and labeling to assess recycled fibers. The assessment directly addresses social responsibility and environmental practices during manufacturing with regards to wastewater treatment and chemical restrictions to further enhance the transparency and traceability of recycled raw materials.
Our entire production process from material recycling to reuse, spinning, and fabric production is executed in accordance with the GRS. The recycling of waste yarn, fabric scraps, bottle flakes, apparel, and fishing net helps reuse resources to reduce environmental pollution and waste. These sustainable practices are part of our social responsibility to create a greener tomorrow.

Recycled Nylon 6 Yarn

ZIG SHENG recycles nylon waste from our factories into recycled waste nylon yarn.
Nylon waste, such as yarn and scraps, produced during manufacturing is sorted, pulverized, and extracted to make nylon chips. The nylon chips are then extruded into recycled yarn. This helps to greatly reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Recycled Fishing Net Nylon 6 Yarn

ZIG SHENG recycles discarded fishing nets into nylon yarn.
This sustainable textile begins with recycled fishing nets. The nets are sorted, mechanically recycled, and cleaned before being extruded into recycled fishing net nylon yarn.

Recycled Bottle Flake Polyester

ZIG SHENG recycles used plastic bottles into polyester yarn.
Discarded plastic bottles are cleaned, sorted, and pulverized into bottle flake before being extruded into recycled yarn that helps to reduce environmental pollution.

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