Protecting Employees’ Rights

Employee Occupational Safety and Health Measures

Strengthening Employee Risk Awareness Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Office arranges occupational safety and health (OHS) training every two months for the seven teams at each of our factories. OHS training is open to all foreign and local employees; and their their managers. Topics include: workplace risk awareness and prevention, OHS management practices, disaster response and preparedness, cardiovascular health and fitness, factory emergency response training etc. The goal of OHS training is for employees to raise awareness and implement better OHS practices to avoid occupational hazards.

The Formulation of Health Management Procedures to Manage Employee Health.

In accordance with legal regulations, ZIG SHENG provides comprehensive annual health checks, specialized health checks, and implements health management procedures.

Special Preventative Measures in Response to COVID-19

Educational Training: educating employees about the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) and our company response.
Factory Sanitation: all public areas in the factory and dormitory are sanitized twice a week.
Health Checks: employees with an international travel history, contact exposure, or flu like symptoms are subjected to contact tracing and health checks to prevent community transmission in our factories.

Environmental Protection Measures

Our factories perform regular emergency training like fire drills and dangerous articles drills to avoid injuries due to occupational hazards. This ensures our employees know the appropriate emergency measures and escape paths to protect themselves in the event of an emergency.

Work environment regulations (noise, brightness, carbon emissions, organic or special substances) are updated every six months. We also inspect drinking water quality every six months.

ZIG SHENG requires all employees to follow our Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response Measures enacted to promote gender equality in the workplace and to create a work environment free of sexual harassment.