Quality Control

ZIG SHENG's commitment to quality is the key to our sustainable business strategy.

Zero Defects

Strict production quality controls ensure our customers receive a product with zero defects.

Prompt Delivery

A comprehensive digital system ensures the prompt delivery that our customers have come to expect.

Customer Satisfaction

We provide the best possible product quality and service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

We continue to revise our standards according to customer feedback and suggestions. It's just another way we increase customer satisfaction.

ZIG SHENG has implemented strict product quality controls over the last 15 years not just to produce a premium product; but also to create an exceptional brand image recognized around the world. We've committed to annual internal and external audits that have earned ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications. These quality control standards are part of a larger quality guarantee to provide our customers with prompt delivery and zero defects.

As part of our environmental protection and sustainable development efforts, ZIG SHENG applied for Global Recycling Standards (GRS) certification to increase the recycled content of our products. GRS certification helps to reduce the environmental impact of our products, and ensure that future textile applications are in line with larger sustainability practices. We've created an optimal work environment where quality controls, resource management, and green production processes increase competitiveness. We strive to increase the quality of our products and services to provide our customers the quality products they have come to expect. Our quality control system is defined above all by a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement that demonstrates our customer oriented business strategy.

Professional Certifications

ISO 45001-2018
ISO 9001-2017-2020

Quality Control

A Culture of Quality Control

ZIG SHENG implements a policy of continuous improvement to foster a culture of quality control.

Increased Capacity for Quality

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms into our automated systems helps to establish a product inspection system capable of recognizing differentiated products that improve quality and worker productivity. Regular hazardous chemical tests protect the health and safety of our workers, strengthen control mechanisms for hazardous substances, and increase our capacity for green production processes.

Applied Quality Control

We invest a certain percentage of our revenue to update our factories and equipment. This creates an optimal work environment for our employees and allows us to manufacture a quality product.