Recycled Bottle Flake Polyester​

Zig Sheng extrudes recycled bottle flake into recycled bottle flake polyester. This helps to not only to reduce petrochemical usage but also to conserve water and cut carbon emissions as part of our commitment to sustainability.



Reduces petrochemical and water usage; cuts carbon emissions

GRS Certified

100% recycled bottle flake polyester yarn is GRS certified.

Production Process

01.PET Bottle Flake

02.Chip Production

03.Polyester Yarn

Yarn Specifications


P 80D/72F
P 120D/72F
P 160D/96F
P 250D/48F


P 50D/72F
P 75D/36F
P 75D/48F
P 75D/72F
P 75D/144F
P 150D/48F
P 150D/72F
P 150D/96F


P 135D/144F
P 170D/144F
P 340D/288F


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