Specialized Products

Deep Dyeing Nylon 6

  1. With twice higher of amino end group content than regular specs used in high speed spinning.
  2. Darker dyeing performance with original process
  3. Environmentally friendly, conserves energy, and reduces pollution
  4. Grade 4 washing color fastness (conventional nylon has Grade 3 washing color fastness)

Long-acting Nylon 6 Cooling Chip

  1. High moisture absorption and desorption ( twice higher than regular products.)
  2. Instant and long-acting cool feeling (Qmax≧ 0.14W/cm2)
  3. Soft hand feel and excellent breathability
  4. Ideal for underwear, shapewear, and athletic wear applications.

Collagen Nylon 6

  1. This biomimetic nylon is made without coating to give the peptide amino acid excellent fastness to washing
  2. Deodorizing and skin friendly.
  3. Deep dyeable nylon with excellent color fastness
  4. Moisture regain reaching 4.8%~6.5% exceeds that of regular nylon


Additional Applications of Nylon Chips

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