Regular Yarn

ZIG SHENG began as a textured yarn manufacturer. 50 years experience with textured yarns enables us to provide Nylon and Polyester DTY in a wide range of denier and filament counts. Our texturizing techniques produce an excellent crimp, bulk, and hand feel. The luster, twist, and ply of our yarns is also fully customizable depending on customer requirements. An increase in environmental consciousness in recent years has pointed to waste materials and yarn as a viable raw material to create sustainable recycled products.

Our Yarn:

Intermingled Yarn

Air jets are used to stabilize the yarn.

Set yarn

Temperature setting is used to stabilize the yarn.

Stretch Yarn

A high bulk yarn created without intermingling or setting.

Intermingled Set Yarn

Air jets and temperature setting are used to stabilize the yarn.

Yarn Specifications


ZIG SHENG offers a wide variety of Polyester and Nylon DTY specifications.


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A unique idea can have a lasting impact on our entire industry. ZIG SHENG believes that innovation begins at development. We're more than happy to work together to create a personalized solution for you.

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