Bio-based Nylon

ZISECO Bio-Based Nylon PA11 is an all natural biosynthetic fiber from ZIG SHENG made of 100% non-food grade castor oil. This renewable polyamide product is different from conventional Nylon 6 and Nylon 12 derived from fossil fuels. Bio-based nylon helps to mitigate environmental impacts by reducing fossil fuel consumption by 30% and cutting carbon emissions by 40%.
ZISECO has low density (1.03-10.05), low moisture absorption (0.8-1.3), low temperature, and excellent piezoelectric properties. The yarn has excellent softness, stable dimensions, and low temperature tolerance (extremely tough in lower temperatures).


Low Carbon Biosynthetic

ZISECO is made of all natural castor oil extracts that can reduce carbon emissions by 40% compared to conventional nylon.

No Crop Sourcing

Non-food grade castor oil production does not compete with crops.

Low Relative Density, Lightweight

Lower relative density means that Bio-Based Nylon PA11 is thicker than the same specification of polyester and conventional Nylon 6.

Low Moisture Absorption, Stable Dimensions

Low moisture absorption ensures that texturing is not affected by humidity.

Exceptional Durability

More durable and stronger than conventional Nylon 6.

Low Temperature Resistance

Low temperature resistance means that BIo-Based PA11 stays tough and does not become brittle when exposed to colder temperatures.

Production Process

1.3.7 生質尼龍-image-2

01. Castor Oil Plant

1.3.7 生質尼龍-image-3

02. Castor Beans

1.3.7 生質尼龍-image-4

03. Castor Oil Extraction

1.3.7 生質尼龍-image-5

04. Monomer Synthesis

1.3.7 生質尼龍-image-6

05. Biosynthetic Nylon PA11 Polymerization

1.3.7 生質尼龍-image-7

06. Biosynthetic Nylon
PA11 Filament

1.3.7 生質尼龍-image-8

07. Biosynthetic Nylon PA11 DTY


Effective Reduction of Carbon Emissions

Low Relative Density

Global Warming Potential (GWP)

※ Initial test reports were compiled by a third party according to the framework outlined in ISO 14040-14043.

ZISECO Bio-Based PA11 is 8-10% lighter than conventional Nylon (PA6 & PA66) and 25% lighter than conventional polyester.

Yarn Specification

ZISECO Filament

N 40D/24F
N 70D/48F


N 40D/24F
N 70D/48F
N 70D/72F


N 90D/48F
N 160D/96F
N 160D/144F

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